John Wiltshire

There always seems to be a significance attached to seeing hares in the wild; it can be an electrifying experience. They reflect something of our ancient past and symbolise something other-worldly and mythic to many people over many centuries. They crop up in all sorts of unexpected ways, again and again reminding us of ‘the old ways’ and reconnecting us with our natural environment.

As the hare breaks cover and enters my paintings, I want this sense of surprise and mythology to be present.

An exploration of my own relationship with the environment is always a dominant force in my work. I also make extensive use of ‘props’ in my paintings, which are comprised of found, natural objects, such as animal skulls and bones, or of assemblages I create myself from discarded objects and materials which attract my curiosity.

John Wiltshire is a painter living in Cambridge. He has been painting a particular woodland landscape for some years and now concentrates on painting objects and portraits from life relating to collecting and English folklore, customs and traditions.



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