Roger Coleman

For me, photography is a way of exploring how technology, agriculture and lifestyle expectations are changing the landscape and shaping the world in often unexpected ways…

The Fens around Ely, March and Wisbech are not picturesque. The flat, open emptiness can be daunting to those who do not know it but, with its ever-changing and often spectacular skies, this working landscape holds a special place in the hearts of we who live here.
Capturing this wide, often empty landscape is a challenge and a discipline. I begin with maps, then survey areas by bike, with a small camera in my saddle bag.  That way I can explore lanes and tracks at a gentle pace and gradually build up a detailed mental picture. Later I come back with larger format equipment for more considered shots.
A set of abstracted close-ups, capturing fine detail from Coldham Farm – the work of young photographers from Wisbech – completes the picture.

Roger Coleman lives in Soham and has been drawing and photographing the Fens over many years.



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